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CSX - Big Sandy SD, late 2014

Rail Fan Adventure --

1. CSX 339-368 w/b T155-08 (Damron Fork mine-Pier 9 Newport News) has just passed FO Cabin (WE double track from Fords Branch) and is picking up speed toward Pikeville. This 100-car train will be set off in Paintsville Yard. This is the location for the former Chaparral Coal tipple. 11-9-2014.
CSX 339-368 FO Cabin.
2. CSX 364-420 on e/b N880-23 passes the old Chaparral Coal tipple site with a loaded SCWX train. Several hunters are waiting beside the track. 11-23-2014.
CSX 364-420 FO Cabin.
3. CSX 4038-CIT 118-INRD 9006 wait on the main for a crew before proceeding west. Shelby.
CSX 4038 489 705 at Shelby.
4. CIT 118-INRD 9006 Shelby.
CIT 118-INRD 9006 at Shelby.
5. A shifter is ready to head up the SV&E. CSX 5271 121 Shelby.
CSX 5271 121 Shelby.
6. UP 5151-4635 on w/b ethanol empty tankers rolls down the siding at the west end of Pauley for a meet This is in front of our house. 10-19-2014. WE Pauley.
UP 5151-4635 WE Pauley.
7. The eastbound waits in the shadows at WE Pauley so as to not block crossings. UP 5151-4635 WE Pauley. View 2.
UP 5151-4635 WE Pauley. View 2.
8. CSX 7716-63 on e/b Q698 passes the Chaparral site before reaching double track at FO Cabin. 12-7-2014.
CSX 7716-63 FO Cabin.
9. CSX 705-305 on C860-07 double their Slones Branch train together before heading to Shelby. Levisa Jct.
CSX 705-305 Levisa Jct.
10. CSX 705-305 Levisa Jct. View 2.
CSX 705-305 Levisa Jct. View 2.
11. Red on the dwarf at Levisa Jct. CSX 705-305. View 3.
CSX 705-305 Levisa Jct. View 3.
12. Slow approach on the dwarf to come off the Pompey Spur (formerly the Levisa Sub-division). The next signal is the EE Shelby. The conductor will get on at Sutton crossing or EE Shelby. 12-7-2014. CSX 705-305 Levisa Jct. View 4.
CSX 705-305 at Levisa Jct. View 4.
13. CSX 981-121 on e/b ethanol train K451-11 (CN BRC Clearing Yard – Pelzer, SC) enters double track at Dawkins (single track through Paintsville Yard). Years ago the Dawkins Sub-division branched off to the left out of view, but that’s history now. Dawkins.
SX 981-121 at Dawkins.
14. CSX 363-252-8773 are w/b on Q697 at Broad Bottom on 12-21-2014.
CSX 353-252-8773 Broad Bottom.

Train images used by permission of Everett N Young