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C&O Lexington and Louisville SD tunnels

Rail Fan Adventure --

Here are a few that I scanned for J. C. Watson for his presentation at the C&OHS Huntington Convention.

1. The west portal of Ashland Tunnel looking east near Gulfco. 11-05-2009.

2. CSX 6429-2257 head west with 15 cars of trash for the land fill at Princess. 11-05-2009. Ashland & Princess Tunnels.

3. Ashland Tunnel is 575 feet in length. Ashland & Princess Tunnels. 2009.

4. West portal of Princess Tunnel from US 60. 11-03-1974.

5. No. 391 westbound approaching the east portal of Princess Tunnel on 06-24-1985. Some of the tunnel had been converted to an open cut.

6. CSX 6429-2257 west at Princess Tunnel. 11-05-2009.

7. This train will be stopping in a few feet to go into the land fill spur with 15 loads of trash. 11-05-2009. Ashland & Princess Tunnels.

8. Approaching the east portal of Williams Creek Tunnel. 05-13-1985.

9. Williams Creek Tunnel. View 2. 1985.

10. Exiting the west portal of Williams Creek Tunnel on manifest 391. 06-24-1985.

11. East portal of L&N’s Frankfort Tunnel. C&O used the L&N from Lexington to Louisville. R. J. Corman Railroad operates this track now. 04-25-1986.

12. SBD 8509 has the westbound L&N Ravenna-to-Louisville freight at Frankfort Tunnel on 04-25-1986. The depot is just behind me. L&N Frankfort Tunnel.

13. Passing the former L&N depot, L&N 4-6-2 approaches Frankfort Tunnel eastbound with a Louisville-to-Lexington and return excursion on 04-26-1986. L&N Frankfort Tunnel.

14. Pacifics line 152 were commonplace on L&N passenger trains through the Bluegrass. C&O used Atlantics, Pacifics and Mountains. L&N Frankfort Tunnel.

Train images used by permission of Everett N Young